Welcome to Snake Creek Boer Goats

Picture of Boer Goats Kid's Welcome to Snake Creek Boer Goats, owned and operated by Richard and Linda Surratt in Adamsville Tennessee. We bred and raise award winning "Boer" Goats. The Afrikaans word "Boer" translate into the English word "Farmer". The Boer goat is an improved goat which is bred primarily for it's meat.

Our stock includes award winning goats such as our Buck "RS2 Drill Bit", Grandson of Ward Lugar's "Drill Bit". RS2 Drill Bit's awards include Grand Champion Junior Buck, IBGA, Cullman, Alabama 05/28/05. Ward Lugar's Drill Bit's awards include IGBA - Nationals 2nd Place finish 9 to 12 months, IGBA - Lewisburg, TN 2004 First Place 9 to 12 months, ARGA - Millington, TN 09/11/04 First Place 9 to 12 Months and Hardin County Fair 09/10/04 First Place 9-12 Months. Our main breeding doe is "Okie Miss" Grand-Daughter to "DSM Cloud Dancing". Her awards include, IGBA Reserve Champion, IGBA Senior Grand Champion and Over all Reserver Champion.

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Boer Goats Facts

Boer Goat have an extended breeding season, making possible 3 kiddings every 2 years. They have a kidding rate of 200 percent. Kids are capable of average daily weight gains above .94 pounds per day. Mature Bucks ( RAMS ) weigh between 240 and 300 lbs. Mature does ( EWES ) weigh between 200 and 225 lbs.

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